Cognitive Computing

CDL utilizes both proprietary deep learning neural networks and 3rd party tools to develop intelligent products. We have a team of developers, data scientists and senior industry executives that lend their experience to our product design.

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Behavior Science

By using behavioral science – the study of how humans really make decisions – we’re able to build products that drive user behavior in your company‚Äôs favor.

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Advanced Analytics

CDL believes every decision made must be based on facts (data). CDL’s designs and delivers innovative products that tell meaningful stories with data, from metric discovery and visualization design all the way through data modeling and solution delivery.

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User Experience

CDL has a deep knowledge of designing the experience and interface of high performing applications. We use our passion for storytelling and our understanding of behavioral economics and psychology to craft intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-use products.

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CDL has a team of talented artists and engineers that design beautiful products, both digital and industrial.

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